AI-powered risk management for blockchain.

For institutional firms to invest in digital assets, there must be a way to navigate and react to risks in the space — and there are many.

Launched in partnership with veteran cyber security CEO Andrew Howard, Lockchain has built a breakthrough proprietary data model powered by AI. It enables any financial institution, analyst, or trader to monitor risks across the entire crypto ecosystem, and set up notifications and automations based on those events.

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Hatz AI

As small businesses begin increasingly to turn to their IT providers for help adopting new AI and LLM technologies into their workflows, Hatz is a multi-product platform that allows these same IT providers to become AI providers themselves.

Operated by CEO Jimmy Hatzell, Hatz AI is powered by an LLM Ops engine called Mido, and allows for mult-tenant management through an MSP administration dashboard. Partner MSPs can quickly add Hatz to their offering to manage AI as a service to their clients.

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In stealth: An enterprise value creating AI advisory

Most companies don't have an AI strategy and struggle to implement them when they do because of skills shortages and challenges preparing their own data and systems. This firm holds their hands along the journey and co-creates their AI intellectual property in ongoing partnerships, and advises clients on how to build breakthroughs in enterprise value in industries where AIs impact can have the largest impact.


The class action sector has billions of dollars it distributes every year yet is starved of the technology that is needed to automate and enable a great customer experience. Talli solves the problem for law firms and claims managers with a purpose-built automation system built on the strongest language models trained for the purpose.


Dromore Energy

Canada is tracking behind both the United States and Europe in renewable energy developments, a gap most apparent in Alberta. The deregulated electricity market in the province leaves a great opportunity to originate, build, own, and operate utility-scale assets in the region.

Dromore Energy has already reached significant scale with more developments in the pipeline, with an aim to expand significantly in both Alberta and British Columbia. Powered by his experience developing more than 600MWH of energy storage assets in Ireland, CEO Joseph Shovlin is leading Dromore to be a leading renewable energy projects developer.

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Beacon Digital Infrastructure

Beacon is building the digital infrastructure that allows AI and cloud technology companies to scale massively, starting with the build out of a 1,600MWH-powered data center.

In stealth: Energy-as-a-service

As grid stability becomes a larger-scale problem in the United States, corporations aim to own more of their own sources of affordable renewable energy. With new technology and energy developments, it becomes possible to offer this as a service.